Snoring! Is this causing a problem in your life?

For many years we have had restless nights, with broken sleep.  We woke up tired and irritable and usually in different beds because one of us has had to move to the spare room during the night?

Snoring can not only damage your relationship but it can also damage your health ( see We have tried all sorts of nasal sprays, throat sprays, mouth pieces, lying on one side then lying on the other, ear plugs of various types etc. etc. You name it we have tried it.

Then a colleague told me of something she used that worked for her and I thought we might as well give it a go as there was nothing to lose. It was a product that I had in my home, although I used it for lots of things other than snoring.

So for the last 6 nights my husband has been trialling this for me and it has been absolute bliss! I am getting to sleep without the irritation of snoring going on beside me (a real bonus as I am quite a light sleeper), I am staying asleep and we are waking up in the same bed!

I’m a bit dubious about getting anyone’s hopes up but if you would like to join our “trial” I would love to hear from you. Just email me to and we can take it from there!

Looking forward to more great night’s sleep and more energetic days ahead!


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