What do you treasure most in your life?

If you ask anyone around you “What’s your most treasured item?” what do you think they’d say?  I’m betting it would be something like my car, or my house, or my gold bracelet or something else that is materialistic.  What would you say was your most treasured item?

We all love the “things” we have around us and I guess if we had more money we would buy even more things.   And if money was no object, WOW we could have anything we wanted – holiday homes, islands, aeroplanes, boats (although I’m not keen on flying or sailing so they would probably come last on my list of most wanted).

Well I guess it’s an age thing, but the older I get the less materialistic I become.  Yes I still like my house to be nice, I still drive a nice little MX5 (albeit she is nearly 10 years old, but I do love her) and I still like to have some nice clothes to go out in BUT for me, the most treasured thing we can have is our health.

We spend lots of money on all those other things yet somehow we are not always happy to spend money on preventative health care.   And without our health we have very little.  Without good health we may not be able to walk, or talk very well, or be able to go on holiday, or play with our children, or be able to get our of bed in the mornings unaided (if at all), or even breathe without help of a machine.

Isn’t it a good idea to put our health and our bodies first?  Well, yes I think it makes sense, so why is it that many people don’t.  They smoke excessively, they drink excessively and they don’t exercise their muscles and joints – and then they wonder why they aren’t able to enjoy good health in later years.   Is it because we are just lazy and can’t be bothered to make the effort or is it due to lack of education?   They say ignorance is bliss – REALLY?

I think it is partially down to both – so here’s a little start on getting educated towards a healthier you!

Question:  Do I know what to put into my car to give it energy and help it perform to it’s optimum?  Oil and fuel – right?

Question:  And do I know what oil and what fuel to put in?   Unleaded/super unleaded/diesel and lubricating oil –  right??

Question: And do I also know what would happen if I put the wrong oil and fuel into my car?  It wouldn’t perform too well and may just breakdown – right again??

Isn’t it just the same for your body??

Do I know what to put into my body to give me energy?  Well, food and water of course.

But, do I know what type of food to eat AND WHAT’S IN THAT FOOD in order to keep my body in a healthy state. I think most of us do, or think we do, and most of us know what not to eat but it’s hard to resist sometimes (especially chocolates and biscuits and crisps mmmm…. and the list goes on).  Or at least we have an idea of some foods that might be better than others.

Anyway I wanted to be sure and not second-guess.  I want to eat well and enjoy a healthy retirement one day so I am  getting to learn about food and what I need to get from my food in order to achieve this – thought I would share it with you on the way.

So here’s my first lesson in layman’s terms  – VITAMINS

Why do we need vitamins?

Vitamins are like the spark plugs in a car, they energise and regulate our metabolism and keep us tuned up and running at high performance.  They give us vitality and are needed to support all our body systems and are used to allow other chemical reactions to take place in the body

Vitamins are required in very small quantities. There are two types of vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K and water-soluble vitamins, B complex and C.

Lets have a look at Vitamin A, where we get if from and why we need it.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant.  

In simplistic terms antioxidants fight off free radicals.  Free radicals can be caused by stress – the more stress we are under the more free radical damage in our bodies.  To fight free radical damage in our bodies, we need antioxidants which protect the cells.  If we fail to protect the cells, tissue can die, when tissue dies organs can die and when organs die, the body can die.

More and more people are becoming more stressed due to family pressure, job pressure, financial pressure and we need Vitamin A to help combat the stress this puts on our health.

We need Vitamin A to help our eyes and our skin stay healthy and to support our immune system.

Deficiency in Vitamin A can lead to poor night vision, dry flaky skin, acne, frequent colds or infections and mouth ulcers.

Main Foods that contain Vitamin A – Liver, eggs, full cream milk (Vitamin A is lost when milk is skimmed), butter, cheese, fish oils, green and yellow fruits and vegetables which contain beta-carotene (the body converts beta-carotene to Vitamin A as and when needed)

If you feel that you are not eating enough of these foods (or you have a dairy free diet) then you are able to get your vitamins through supplements.  If you are going to purchase supplements you need to make sure they are quality supplements made with quality ingredients.

Forever Living produce a supplement called A-Beta_Care – see http://www.geraldinelay.myforever.biz for details

If you need any further information please feel free to drop me a note.

Have a great day everyone!



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