New to Multi Level Marketing

So you’re thinking of joining a multi-level marketing company?  You’re not on your own – currently with the unemployment situation and the lack of security in “normal” jobs lots of people are looking for something that will give them control over their future.

There are many reasons people are deciding to go down this route. It may be because you’ve just been made redundant for the umpteenth time and have decided to take your future into your own hands or that the entrepreneur inside you is bursting to get out.  For whatever reason you have,  are you totally prepared for the journey?

The first thing is to find a company that you feel totally in tune with that has great products you are really interested in – your enthusiasm for the products is key.

The second thing I believe is to have products that are consumable.  You want customers to use up what they buy and then come back for more.  A lot of business (think I read somewhere recently that about 80%) is done by repeat sales – so look after your customers!

The best advice I got when I joined Forever Living was to use the products.  This really wasn’t difficult as they stretch across a wide range of health and skincare goodies and I already had tried their deodorant and their shampoo and thought they were fabulous.

So I cleared out all the cleansers, moisturisers, shampoos and soaps etc. I had bought in the supermarket and replaced as many as I could with my new Aloe Vera products and set to using them.  It wasn’t long before my husband’s curiosity got the better of him and he wanted to try them too.  And it wasn’t too long before people started to comment on how great my skin and hair were!

I loved the products so much I started to tell people about my experiences with them and before I knew it I had quite a few customers!


Once I had told everyone  I knew about my products and my wonderful new business – I wasn’t too sure what to do next.  You can’t keep ramming it down people’s throats otherwise you start to lose friends and family dread you coming over!  You might be completely blown away with your new business but others don’t really want to hear about it every time they see you. I am sure we have all met (or tried to avoid) people like that!

Although my products are consumable, one of their best selling points is that you don’t need to use a large amount of them to get great benefits.  Unfortunately that means that your customers don’t need to re-order too often.  Great for your customers but not great for your sales figures!!

So I guess I needed more customers.

But if I got lots of new customers – how would  look after them so they got the personal service I wanted to give them.  I joined this business to have more time to myself not less.  I wanted to work part-time.  I already had a job that was full-time and really didn’t want to have another one.

Well next thing to do is to find others who could do what I was doing.  Use the products and recommend them to friends and family – sounds easy enough doesn’t it?

…… be continued


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