Quitting my job – am I mad?

Well, I’ve done it this time!  After 11 years working for the same company (through good times and not so good times)  I have found something that has raised that sense of adventure and excitement for me that I seemed to have lost a while ago.

Have you ever wakened up in the morning with that “yuk” feeling in your guts and really struggled to get out of bed?

Have you ever dreaded your commute to work – driving along the same road every morning and every evening for so many years that your car could almost drive you there and back without any input from you? Or sitting on the train, same seat, same people, everyone looking miserable and nobody wanting to talk to you because they didn’t feel like getting into a conversation.

How much of your day do you spend just getting to work and getting back home? Talking of getting back home – when you do get home it is so late in the evening that you really haven’t got the time nor the energy to do much more that vegetate in front of the TV for what little time you have left of the evening? Especially in the winter.

Then, after you have your evening meal and eventually get to sit down to relax,  you watch the clock.  I should be in bed… it’s getting late …… I’m never going to get up in the morning if I don’t get to bed soon…..  All these thoughts take up much your head space and relaxing isn’t as easy as maybe it should be.

Eventually you give in and go to bed …. but that’s not the end of it!

You get into bed, after spending yet another half an hour removing makeup and moisturising (mainly us girls I know – or is that an assumption?) and cleaning teeth and whatever else you do.

Then they start!  The chattering monkeys.  They tell you (all in secret of course – inside your head only so no-one else can hear) about all the things you didn’t get done today and all the things you have to do tomorrow. All those emails piling up – seems like there are 100’s of them every day – there’s never enough time to get through them all.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could have just one day without emails – look how much work you could get done.

What about all the other things these blasted monkeys tell you that …OMG I forgot about that!!! So you spend the next hour worrying about what you did or didn’t do and thinking about how it is all going to start again tomorrow.  If only I could escape the rat race …. if only!

And to make it worse, all these thoughts – not content on taking up 5 days of your week, but it all starts again on a Sunday evening and steals part of your weekend too!

Well I’ve had enough!  I want to build my own dreams.  I want to work the hours I choose.  I want to work around my family and even around the weather – imagine a nice sunny day and being able to choose to work outside  – all great reasons to go for it!  I want  my hobby to be my job.  I am told that if your hobby is your job, you will never need to work again

I just love helping people, I have been a complementary therapist for over 9 years (working in the evenings from my therapy room at home).  I love recommending things that I like and giving others the opportunity to try them too, especially if I know they will have benefits in some way.

I was introduced to a range of fabulous health and skincare products a few months ago and have been amazed at the results I have experienced and witnessed since my family, friends and I have been using them.  Way beyond my expectations.  The company that produces these products is called Forever Living Products.

So off I went and researched this company.  I looked for reasons why I shouldn’t join Forever. I scanned the internet to find out if it was a scam as what they were offering was raising those familiar alarms that you hear people talking about – you know the ones like,  “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is” type of alarm.

But I couldn’t find anything to dissuade me from joining Forever Living.  No one had a bad word to say about the company or their products – at least no one that I could find.

I did learn though, through all my research, that Network Marketing (or MLM – multi-level marketing) is not a “get rich quick” scheme and it’s not a “sit back on your laurels and the money will come to you” kind of business.  You can make MLM work for you, but like every other business it takes a lot of hard work, focus and dedication to your team to help you be successful. The more you put in the more you get out – bit like everything else in life actually.

The more you help your team the more successful everyone becomes – isn’t that the perfect scenario – you help someone to be successful and you are able to share that success WIN – WIN for everyone.

So this is my starter for 10 (for those of you old enough to remember that game show).

I am prepared to work hard and put all the effort I can into my new business and I am prepared to help and support my team members to the best of my ability.   I have so much to learn and on my journey, I hope to help others learn too by passing on my new found knowledge and of course any mistakes I make – because as we all know, we learn so much by our mistakes.

Thanks for dropping in and if you have any feedback to help me blog better I will be very grateful to have it.   Welcome to my new life!



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